With the development of science and technology, knowledge has increasingly become a decisive factor for national strength and international competitive improvement. Human resources have become a strategic resource for promoting economic and social development. And the importance of talent competition in the wider national power competition is being highlighted day by day.
In the final analysis, the broad national power competition is a national quality competition. Education plays a fundamental role in the ideological and moral qualities of the people and in improving the scientific, especially for the youth.
Strengthening the education of science and technology for youth is an urgent request for improvement of science. It also improves the formation of innovative countries and cultural qualities. However, the construction of socialist modernization can be accelerated. Vigorous management of science and technology education is very important and important for young people. Improving scientific and cultural qualities is also the key.
The following are four aspects of strengthening science and technology education for youth:

First, recognize the importance
Strengthening science and technology education is an important measure of character education. Promoting skills education is one of the main aims of development of primary education and work science and technology education is a cornerstone of education. And it is also an important important content, which can promote education reform. On the other hand, it is also an important step in the development of innovative consciousness, which can lead adolescents to practice skills.
All levels, including education, science, technology, and society, must be liberated of the mind, raise awareness, focus on responsibility, urgency and mission. The task of strengthening science and technology education is an important measure of character education.
In this present and future age, our science and technology education guideline holds the great banner of Chinese-featured socialism. The implementation of scientific concepts of deep development was also held. We can change the concept. We should exploit we could invent. We must actively enforce the national education policy. Our job is to try to set up a new system.

Second, the main task
Promoting adolescent widespread development can improve their innovative thinking and practical skills. This is the key. It is important to awaken scientific consciousness and social responsibility. We can do this through scientific development, development of science and technology, enhancement of education, retention of outstanding scientists. Cultivating the ability to discover and study problems through inquiry-based learning. Through scientific and technological innovation activities, we can train the skills of selecting a subject. In the study we can be independent. Through scientific and technological competition (such as remote-controlled aircraft, robots, electronic magnets), we can build a competitive spirit and team spirit.
Playing the full drama of the role of the main channel of school education. Play teaching activities in basic science education by implementing quality education. Actively promote the reform of science curriculum, textual content and teaching methods. Strengthen the learning goal of the scientific curriculum. Improve the quality and level of school science education. We will awaken students to learn more scientific knowledge and skills. We can pursue scientific research and technological innovation activities of interest.
Actively run a variety of extracurricular activities. Conduct the activities of scientific educational features. Strengthen the work of science and technology education in rural areas. Establish scientific education and popular science resource sharing. These are a few specific tasks.

Third, build the team
Strengthen the construction of science and technology school teachers. Primary and secondary schools must select teachers who have a strong sense of responsibility and good quality standards. It can establish a coordination system for school science education. It can strengthen the training of teachers. This can create a good situation. And we must strengthen teachers from schools and volunteer teams. It is also necessary to establish and perfect specialist databases to evaluate all types of science and technology competition.